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SWEB Development is the North American affiliate of the W.E.B. international family of companies.
SWEB is guided by the same core values that contribute to the success of W.E.B. on a global scale with a local focus.

Energy Transition

SWEB is proud to be part of the international W.E.B group of companies that has taken as its mission to drive global energy transition. Beginning with wind energy in 1995, the W.E.B group soon realized that they were participating in a revolution to bring energy transition to a planet in need of change. Taking energy transition as its mission, they understood that their work involved more than turbine installations. Decentralizing energy production, electrification, energy storage, and integrated use of all forms of renewable energy soon became the passion  of the W.E.B. group.

Emission reductions   

Emission reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses is one of the significant benefits of the transition to renewable energy. Global fossil fuel production and consumption is driving dangerous climate change and global warming beyond the capacity of the planet to sustain human civilization. SWEB is concerned to advocate for policies that reduce carbon emissions and to account for the contributions of renewable energy and electrification of non-traditional sectors, such as transportation and commercial loads.      


Electrification of non-traditional sectors will be key to sustainability and the transition from fossil fuel resources to renewable energy resources. Among the biggest polluters on the planet is our transportation system. SWEB Development understands that electrification of vehicles and the entire transportation sector will enable the transition to renewable energy for all energy needs. Electrification means more need for renewable energy on the electricity grid with necessary upgrades in distribution and transmission.  

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