Anton Kaeslin

Commercial Operations Manager

Anton manages SWEB Development’s business obligations. With a wealth of expertise spanning over 15 years in grid-connected renewable energy solutions, he ensures adherence to ISO compliances and handles regulatory federal and state filings like FERC, NERC, and NEPOOl. His understanding of the power market landscape enables him to optimize SWEB Development's Wind and Solar PV portfolio returns on investment through power market opportunities such as ancillary service contracts.

Equipped with a dual BSEE/MBA education, Anton's global perspective has proved unique throughout his career. Fluent in English, German, and French, he naturally navigates the complexities of national and international business.

As a tri-citizen of the USA, Switzerland, and France, Anton treasures his vacations with his families, enjoying hikes amidst the mountains of his European homelands and appreciates their good local food. In his spare time, he prioritizes his well-being, engaging in daily walks, mindful exercises, and weight training to stay both mentally and physically fit.

Courage is grace un pressure. – Ernst Hemingway

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