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SWEB Development is rooted in the idea that community matters and ownership makes a difference in the world of energy transition. SWEB Development is part of the W.E.B international group of companies. W.E.B is a community-owned Austrian company that has turned the knowledge of how to build local projects that respect communities and maximize benefits with local partners into an international model for successful energy transition and renewable energy development.
We believe that a strong project begins with a strong relationship with the community. SWEB Development starts local and grows projects with sensitivity to local input and needs. The transition to clean energy sources is the key to a sustainable future for our families. Sensitive local renewable energy development contributes to that sustainable, healthier future.  


Rory Cantwell

Chief Executive Officer SWEB Development & SWEB Development USA LLC

Jack Dawson

Junior Project Developer

Evan De Silva

Project Developer

Nick Durling

Senior Operations Manager

Toby A. Hall

Director Construction

Billy Hanifen

GIS Technician

Anton Kaeslin

Commercial Operations Manager

Stefan Karkulik

Chief Administrative Officer

Joe Mendelsohn

Development Manager

Florian Müller

Chief Financial Officer SWEB Development & SWEB Development USA LLC

Kate Munroe

Communications and Administrative Coordinator

Jason Parisé

Development Director

Drew Rogerson

Project Developer

Sarah Rosenblat

Senior Development Manager



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