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Posted Nov 7, 2023

Green Choice Program: Notice of Intent to Bid

About the Project

The Apitamkiejit Wind Energy Project is a proposed renewable energy facility with a total capacity of up to 68 MW. The project will be comprised of up to ten turbines with a nameplate capacity between 5.9 to 7.2 MW. The facility would be located on privately‐held land in Queens county, north‐west of highway 103. The project is being developed through a partnership including one or more First Nation communities that are yet to be disclosed, and SWEB Development LP (SWEB Energy), a Halifax‐based renewable energy developer and operator.

About the Green Choice Program

SWEB Development is currently working towards submission of the proposed Apitamkiejit Wind Energy Project under the Green Choice Program Request for Proposals (RFP). The Green Choice Program is a competitive procurement conducted by the Province of Nova Scotia and COHO to procure 1,100 gigawatt hours of wind and solar electricity in Nova Scotia per year. This program allows large scale energy consuming customers throughout the province to procure their energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels.

Project Benefits

A central focus of the project during development, construction, and operations is to ensure that as much local labour, services, and materials are used as possible. It is anticipated that if the project is built, it will create a number of direct and indirect benefits for various stakeholders and First Nation communities. The project will have a positive impact on local businesses and will result in

employment opportunities in addition to tax revenue for municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Further, a share of project revenues will be used to support local community groups and underrepresented communities in the province. The projects awarded through the RFP are anticipated to help achieve the Province’s Renewable Electricity Standard of 80% by 2030 and support the goal of achieving a 53% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net‐zero by 2050.

SWEB’s Approach to Wind Energy

SWEB Energy is a team of renewable energy professionals who are passionate about community, the environment, and shared social values. As of 2023 our team has developed, commissioned and is currently operating 68 MW of community‐based wind energy projects throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with another 94.4 MW wind energy project that will be built together with Glooscap First Nation in Pictou County. All of our projects are owned in partnership with First Nation communities or local communities. SWEB is the Canadian subsidiary of W.E.B, an Austrian, community‐owned energy transition company with almost 30 years of experience in planning, financing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Canada, and the United States. As of 2023 W.E.B operates a total of 266 wind energy, 43 photovoltaic, and 3 small hydroelectric power plants throughout Europe and North America. The projects have a total nominal output of 613 MW and an annual production of 1,532,302 MWh which enables W.E.B to provide 437,800 households with renewable electricity. SWEB Energy will engage the community regarding the project over the coming months. Our team will continue to reach out directly to interested stakeholders and is pleased to welcome community members to our virtual and/or in person engagement sessions. Invitations for these sessions will be provided to the community prior to each session. We also invite you to consult our project website, social media channels and project team for detailed information and updates regarding the project.

Apitamkiejit Project Map

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